Ten in the news

Ten in the news

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Press enquiries and images

Please contact Catherine Allan, Communications Manager:

Email catherineallan@tengroup.com

What Ten can offer the media

Ten can offer trend analysis, high quality information and comment, as well as high profile contacts. Our CEO and COO will be happy to provide whatever comments or quotes you need. We will always meet your deadlines.

For example, we can tell you:

  • How people are spending their money – most popular gifts this year
  • Top 10 most requested high performance cars this year
  • The most efficient way of saving energy in your home
  • Why Ten is booming in a recession
  • How household brands are using concierge to boost customer loyalty

We can also arrange interviews with our members to your brief.

Available for interview: Alex Cheatle, CEO

Alex set up Ten in 1998 as the first lifestyle and home management service in the world. He has established it as the leading example of a scalable, profitable, personalized service business, inventing the term and service ‘lifestyle management'.

He set up his first business when he was 13 and has established several others since then, including two at Oxford University while studying politics, philosophy and economics.

He worked as a cowhand in Brazil at the age of 18 (a disaster) and as a fabric salesman in an east London market at the age of 14. His corporate experience before setting up Ten derives from many years working across brands, departments and geographies at Procter & Gamble, the iconic ‘big corporate'.

Alex is a celebrated speaker on issues ranging from all types of service businesses to public sector reform and from different and changing global cultures to innovation in business .

Available for interview: Jasmin Blunck, Asia regional manager

Jasmin has lived and worked in Hong Kong for 20 years. She used to co-own “Urban Soul” magazine and now manages Ten’s Asia office.

Number of staff: 350

Languages spoken: We have experts who speak a combination of more than 20 languages, including all the major European languages, Turkish, Russian and Chinese.

Number of members: 800,000 eligible members – we classify these as people who are, at this moment in time, able to fully access our service.

Commission structure: We aim to access everything we do quicker, better and cheaper than our members can do themselves. This means that we don’t add mark-ups onto tickets, flights, cars and services (or anything else for that matter).

Client retention rate: We are currently running at 90% retention in private membership and 100% on corporate schemes.

Membership referral: More than 95% of our members come directly through referrals from existing members.